Thanks to the Internet, today researchers and other seekers can have immediate access to resources, including Jewish history, philosophy, and practices, state and church archives, and family genealogies and histories.

On this page you will find websites useful for your own search. We are continually updating and adding to these lists, so you should check this page frequently.

Crypto-Jewish Study and Organizations

Jewish Identity

      • The Aish HaTorah website includes a lot of interesting information pertaining to all aspects of Jewish life
      • Jewish Virtual Library is a comprehensive online Jewish encyclopedia, with 13 different subject areas that encompass more than  16,000 articles and 7,000 photographs and maps
      • At S & P Central you can connect to Spanish & Portuguese/Western Sefardi synagogues around the world, and learn about Sefardi historic customs, traditions, melodies, and food

Libraries and Archives


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