The Institute for Sefardi and Anousim Studies and Ayala Geographit hosted a special event (in Hebrew), “Portugal – A Meeting with Descendants of the Anousim,” on 18 December 2014. The program, chaired by Tami Fortis, a tour guide for Portugal, and Shlomo Buzaglo, manager of the ISAS, included a special 3rd night of Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony. The guest of honor was Mr. Carolino Tapadejo, former mayor of the city of Castelo de Vide, Portugal, who spoke about “The Descendants of ‘Conversos’ in Portugal in the Last Few Generations.” See the program for further information about this event: INVITATION-EN-18DEC (3) (In photo: Carolino Tapadejo (left) presents a gift to the fifth president of Israel,  Yitzhak  Navon.)