Educational Programs

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Conferences and Seminars

The ISAS offers seminars on a wide array of topics, such as Sefardic history, Anousim communities, political aspects of return to Judaism, conversion and social identity, Ladino and other Sefardi languages, and Anousim literature.

We also host a yearly 2-day international conference followed by a genealogical workshop. The 2015 conference, “Mapping the Anousim Diaspora,” included speakers and attendees from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, the US, and Canada. Click here to see the conference program.

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Courses and Lecture Series

The ISAS is offering a 9-month course on Anousim history in Hebrew beginning October 2015. For more details, see the English language info sheet.

Also, in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes de Tel Aviv, we will be organizing a program of personal enrichment and learning courses at the Netanya Academic College campus. The curriculum will include Spanish and Portuguese language courses, as well as subjects such as “Sefardi History 101,” the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions, and the Anousim Diaspora.

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Sephardi Heritage Trips for Teens

The ISAS will be coordinating 8-day Sefardi cultural heritage trips to Spain and Portugal for Israeli high school students. The students will visit sites rich with Sefardi Jewish heritage, meet and dialog with community members, and return to Israel with a greater understanding and appreciation of the depth and breadth of the contribution of the Sephardim to Jewish heritage and to world history.

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