2016-17 Lecture Series: “Cultural Icons in Sefardic Jewish History”

The ISAS lecture series for the 2016-17 academic year is “Cultural Icons in Sefardic Jewish History,” given by Prof Abraham (Avi) Gross at Netanya Academic College. Topics include: Hasdai Ibn Shaprut, Shmuel Hanagid, Shlomo Ibn Gvirol, Judah Halevi, and Rambam (Maimonides).

For all of you Hebrew speakers here in Eretz HaKodesh (the Holy Land), […]

“Can Sephardic Judaism be Reconstructed?” Article by Daniel Elazar

The ISAS is making available here the important article, “Can Sephardic Judaism be Reconstructed?” written by Daniel Elazar (z”l) in 1992, that was reprinted in the American Sephardi Federation’s magazine, The Sephardi Report, Vol. 5, No. 1 Summer/Fall 2015. In the article, Prof. Elazar describes the Ashkenazification of the Sefardim in the modern age, and […]

Honorees of the Awards Ceremony at RECONNECTING 2016

We congratulate the recipients of honors and awards at the Awards Ceremony of our  RECONNECTING 2016 conference in Miami on 7-8 September, at which Netanya Academic College bestowed honorary degrees and awards upon the Hon. Henry Cisneros (Honoris Causa Degree), Prof. Anita Waingort Novinsky (President’s Award), and Ms. Genie Milgrom and Ms. Neomi Dezer (Woman of Valor […]

Rosh Hashana 5777 – New Year Newsletter

We invite you to read our Rosh HaShana 5777 – 2015/16 New Year Newsletter. In it you will find information about all of our activities during the past year, with a full report on our hugely successfull RECONNECTING 2016 conference in Miami, as well as information about our planned MUSEUM OF SEFARDI AND ANOUSIM HERITAGE here in […]

Special post-conference event at the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU

We are pleased to announce a special post-RECONNECTING 2016 conference event: An evening at the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU with a lecture by Prof. Sergio DellaPergola, “Demography of the Jewish People – Long Term Trends and Prospects.” The event is free and open to the public.

“New research demystifies the origin of the surnames of converted Jews in Brazil”

Prof. Avi Gross of the ISAS is quoted in this article, which appeared in the Brazilian journal Oglobo in 2012.


Israel Independence Day Message

On this Yom ha-Zikaron (Memorial Day) and eve of Yom ha-Atzma‘ut (Independence Day), let us all remind ourselves of the crucial part the State of Israel has played in the preservation of the Jewish people. One cannot imagine Am Yisrael after the Holocaust without the State of Israel as its focal point: The remnant of […]

A Passover Greeting from the ISAS

To see this letter online, click here

Article about Passover among the Anousim by Ignacio Steinhardt

Ignacio Steinhardt, one of the most accomplished researchers on the Anousim of Portugal, wrote a personal account of his Passover experience with Anousim in a Portuguese village at Passover time. You can read his article here.

The ISAS recognized Mr. Steinhardt for his lifetime achievements in the field of Anousim studies at the “Mapping the Anousim […]

Special summer course Anousim leadership

The ISAS is holding a 4-week intensive seminar, “REINFORCING JEWISH ROOTS,” to promote leadership in Anousim communities in Brazil and Portugal from July 24 – August 25, 2016, at Netanya Academic College.

This ground-breaking event is geared toward enabling the leaders and movers of the Portuguese-speaking Anousim communities to learn more about Judaism and Israel. The […]