The Institute for Sefardi and Anousim Studies

Mission Statement


To conduct historical research of Sefardi Jewry and its cultural legacy, with special emphasis on the history of Iberian Anousim, their Diaspora, and their modern descendants.


To increase awareness of the awakening of contemporary Jewish identity among the Anousim through conferences, lectures, and seminars, as well as offering Israeli youth Sefardi heritage exploration trips to Iberia.


To help the descendants of the Anousim reconnect to the heritage of their ancestors through genealogical and historical research, and to advocate for them in the State of Israel and world Jewish communities.

Prof. Abraham Gross
Prof. Abraham Gross
Shlomo Buzaglo
Shlomo BuzagloManager
Uri Blankfeld
Uri BlankfeldExternal Relations Coordinator

Advisory Board

Prof. Yacov Hart, President, Netanya Academic College

Prof. Abraham Gross, Ben Gurion University

Mr. Samuel Pinto, Chairman, Keren Sabah (Sabah Foundation)

Mr. Shmuel Sabah, Chairman, Keren Netanya (Netanya Foundation)

Mr. Neil Davis

Mr. Jack Ben Ezra

Prof. Jack Cohen

Mr. Moshe Ortasse

Honorary Board

Past Honorary President:

Mr. Yitzhak Navon z”l, fifth President of the State of Israel

Members of the Honorary Board:

Mrs. Ana Schalit

Mr. Inácio Steinhardt

ISAS in the News

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A collaboration agreement was signed between Sr. D. Fernando Suárez Bilbao, Rector of Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Mr. Sadia Cohen, president and founder of Fundación Don Juan de Borbón ESPAÑA-Israel, and Pres. Zvi Arad of Netanya Academic College.

We welcome collaborations with other institutions.