Didier Long to speak on Corsican Jews

On April 19, the ISAS is hosting an event featuring author Didier Long, who will speak (in French) on his new book about the Jews of Corsica, “Mémoires juives de Corse.” His talk will include Jewish names and Marranos in Corsica, as well as significant events in Corsican history. The event will take place at Netanya […]

ISAS International Conference: Reconnecting 2016

ISAS International Conference

Reconnecting 2016:
Reinvigorating Shared Latino-Jewish Roots and Heritage
Date: September 7-8, 2016
Sunny Isles Beach, (Miami) FL, USA
(The originally scheduled date was May 23-24)
This high profile conference is dedicated to both enhancing Jewish-Latino relations as well as raising awareness regarding the forced converts (Anousim) from the Iberian Peninsula and their descendants. It will feature leading […]

Conference on founder populations and Sefardi genomes

See the link for information on the First International Conference on Founder Populations and their contribution to our understanding of Biology and History – Lessons from the Jewish Genome, July 10-14, 2016, Haifa, Israel. There will be many presentations on Sefardi population genetics and also genomic studies of Jews in general.