Mordechai Arbell at the “Challenge” Conference (in Hebrew)

Mordechai Arbell, renowned scholar and Israeli ambassador to the Caribbean region, was the featured speaker at the ISAS conference, “The Anousim Diaspora: Jewish Challenge and Hope” at the Ben Zvi Institute in Jerusalem on October 13, 2015. Arbell, author of many works, including The Portuguese Jews of Jamaica and The Jewish Nation of the Caribbean, spoke […]

Letter of support from Rabbi Stephen Leon of the Anousim Center in El Paso, TX

Prof. Abraham Gross of the Institute for Sefardi and Anousim Studies (ISAS) reads a letter of congratulations and support from Rabbi Stephen Leon, director of the Anousim Center of El Paso, Texas, at the conference, “The Anousim Diaspora Today: Jewish Challenge and Hope” on 13 October 2015 at the Yad Yitzchak Ben Zvi Institute in […]