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The Institute for Sefardi and Anousim Studies (ISAS) at Netanya Academic College in Israel was created in response to the incredible phenomenon of the descendants of the forced converts (Anousim) in medieval Spain and Portugal awakening to their Jewish heritage.

The ISAS promotes research on the historical and contemporary development of the crypto-Jews of Iberian origin. We offer seminars, courses, and conferences to educate the public about this phenomenon and its contemporary ramifications in Israel and around the world. We also offer assistance to those seeking confirmation of their Jewish ancestry through genealogical research.


The i24NEWS channel featured an interview (in English) conducted by the well-known director Emily Frances Balshan of the program “Holy Land Uncovered”, which highlights ISAS activities with the communities of Bnei Anousim. Thanks for watch and share.
El canal i24NEWS presentó una entrevista (en inglés) dirigida por la conocida directora del programa “Holy Land Uncovered” Emily Frances Balshan, que destaca las actividades de ISAS con las comunidades de Bnei Anousim. Por favor, mira y comparte.
O canal i24NEWS apresentou uma entrevista conduzida pela consagrada diretora Emily Frances Balshan do programa Holy Land Uncovered onde destaca as atividades do ISAS junto as comunidades de Bnei Anussim. Gratos por compartilhar.

The ISAS is pleased to announce the publication of our book,


Edited by Abraham Gross, Adina Moryosef and Jack Cohen

This ground-breaking volume explores the relatively new academic field of Bnei Anousim studies (also referred to as descendants of New Christians, Conversos, or Marranos), whose Jewish ancestors in Iberia were forcibly converted to Catholicism from 1391 through the fifteenth century. Chronologically, this book focuses on the eighteenth century, a later period of Inquisition activity marked by the Portuguese Inquisition’s relentless attacks against the Jewish “heresy” and the resultant mass exodus of New Christians from Portugal to Brazil. Several chapters concern the contemporary phenomenon of descendants of these New Christians seeking their Jewish roots.  Yet, among a population that has retained almost no memory of their origins, how authentic are their Jewish roots? After the passage of hundreds of years, how much of what they perceive as “Jewish” is truly a lost Sefardi heritage? This volume addresses these questions from the perspectives of history, demography, genealogy, anthropology, and genetics.

Most of the articles are based on presentations at the international conference, Reconnecting 2016: Reinvigorating Shared Latino-Jewish Roots held in Miami in September 2016, organized by the Institute for Sefardi and Anousim Studies.

Order online at www.cambridgescholars.com  

20% discount available to friends of the ISAS – Discount Code: Iberian20

For more information, contact salomonb@netanya.ac.il.

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We invite you to become partners with us in this mitzvah and help the descendants of the forced converts to recover their identities and restore pride in their heritage.

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